1) DocuSign Account Information


Integrations Guide

The following pieces of information are needed to give you access to your DocuSign account while logged into SecurityTrax.

Service Email

Email account used to gain access to DocuSign. We recommend creating a new email address: docusign@[dealer_domain].com OR docusign.[dealer_number]@gmail or yahoo, etc. and adding this new email address to your DocuSign account as a user.

To find it in the CLASSIC OR NEW Docusign interface, log into your DocuSign account > click on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner > and the Service Email will be listed toward the top of the drop down menu.

Service Password

The password to your DocuSign account.

Back Office Email Address

Email account that can be used to finish the DocuSign experience through SecurityTrax (if desired). We recommend creating a new email address: dsbackoffice@[dealer_domain].com OR dsbackoffice.[dealer_number]@gmail or yahoo, etc. This recipient will be named 'Back Office' in your DocuSign templates (to be explained in a later step).

Please create / collect the information above and email to docusign@ with 'SecurityTrax / DocuSign Setup' in the subject line.