Customer Payment Portal


User Guide

Waiting for customer payments can be frustrating. SecurityTrax now empowers your customers to make payments on their invoices through our payment portal making the payment process easier. Activating the payment portal allows you to create a one-time or recurring invoice. You can then email this to your customer which includes a Pay Now button. Clicking this button will take them directly to the payment portal where they can easily make a payment.

NOTE: To enable this you need to be set up for payment processing through SecurityTrax. If you are interested in this please contact your Account Manager and they will help you with the setup process. This method only supports Credit Cards at this time. For added security, credit card details are entered at the time the invoice is paid. There will be no "saved payment methods" available to choose from. However, if a new payment method is used here, it is saved in SecurityTrax under billing methods.

To set this up do the following:

The following description and images will show you how this works:

There is also a Print button that will print a PDF copy of the invoice for the customer.