e) Equipment


Quick Start Guide

Enter each individual piece of equipment you install in SecurityTrax. This allows you to easily transfer pieces to Technicians or Office Locations so your staff, Sales Reps, and Technicians always know what equipment you sell, how many of each piece is on hand, and where it's located. You can also create Equipment Packages (to be discussed in the next step).

A spreadsheet of all pieces of your Equipment can be uploaded into SecurityTrax. Submit a SecurityTrax Ticket (Step 2 of the Quick Start Guide). Hourly rates will apply.

To add individual pieces of Equipment follow the steps below:


Company who makes the piece of equipment.

Drop Down Menu Next to Manufacturer

Disregard this item.


The cost to your business for the individual piece of Equipment.

Installation Cost

The cost to your business for the installation of the piece of Equipment.

Point Value

Assign a value to each piece of equipment to assist with calculating commissions based on your point system.

Par Value

Similar to Point Value. It's not required to enter a value.


Is the piece of Equipment Wireless or Hardwired.


Check to make the piece of Equipment show up in drop down lists when adding equipment to a Customer.

Default Vendor

Identify which vendor you'd use to purchase the piece of Equipment. If you use multiple Vendors for the same piece of Equipment you'll need to create a new piece of Equipment in SecurityTrax for each Vendor.


Enter the SKU and/or UPC number for the piece of Equipment here.


Enter the Model number of the piece of Equipment here.

Retail Value

Enter the amount you'll be charging your Customers for this piece of Equipment.

Install Bonus

Enter an amount your Technician could receive for installing the piece of Equipment.

Device Count

Field which can be used to assign 'points' or a 'count' to a piece of equipment to help with payroll calculations (For example, some equipment may be more difficult to sell or install. Additional values can be entered here). Could also be used for Equipment reporting purposes. Open to individual company usage.

Is Collection

Check if this piece of Equipment is a Collection (or Kit).


This button shows up after a piece of Equipment is saved when the 'Is Collection' checkbox is checked. Designate the quantity of each piece of Equipment in the Collection (or Kit).