How do we get setup to process payments in SecurityTrax?

In order to process payments via credit card and ACH inside of SecurityTrax you will need to apply for a merchant services account with our integrated partner Platinum Payments. All charges and rates details will be handled with them. SecurityTrax does not charge for this feature. This application will need to be filled out and returned to Platinum Payments to get started.

How do we update our billing information?

If you need to change the billing information SecurityTrax has on file for your company, simply complete the SecurityTrax Auto Pay Authorization Form and fax it to 801-504-9200 or email it to SecurityTrax.

Why isn't this button/link/customer/lead etc. showing up?

Verify your permissions settings.

Can you add a column/filter to report X?

Yes and no. If you're working on an Editable Report you'll see an 'Edit' button at the top when you click on a report. Note that the User will need Permissions in order to see the Edit button. If you're working on a Non-Editable report you will not be able to add a column, but SecurityTrax might be able to, contact us through a SecurityTrax ticket.

Can you tell me who did X to user Y?

Currently, you'd need to submit a SecurityTrax Ticket for us to look it up, but we don't log 100% of changes made to a User.

How do I install Shellper, why isn't it working?

Have you referenced the Shellper doc found here?: Shellper Setup & Usage.

Do you have a mobile app for iPhone or Android?

No, we do not have native applications for iOS or Android. However, we do provide a mobile specific version of SecurityTrax that can be utilized on any mobile platform.