Release Notes


Release Notes

March 16, 2018

Service Detail Time Default

Set up default time lengths for each Service Detail Type to help streamline scheduling of service appointments.


Recurring Time Off

Schedule recurring time off for a user every other week every third week or every month. You are no longer limited to every week.

Avantguard Test Mode

Easily place an account in Test Mode for a designated period of time right within SecurityTrax during the initial installation or on subsequent appointments.

February 20, 2018

New HR Fields

To help more effectively manage your employees we've added fields for Hire Date, Start Date, Transfer Date, and Reason for Leaving the Company in the Human Resources Settings of a user's profile.


User Reports

Quickly run a report to display contact information, inventory shipping location, organization hierarchy, and more for your users!

Tax Amount on Payments

SecurityTrax has long been able to auto-populate tax rates on invoices. Now, the total tax amount on payments based on the auto-populated tax rates will be displayed.

Tags Filter

Have hundreds of Tags in your system? Admins can now filter Tags to narrow down the search criteria.

January 19, 2018

Apply Panel Templates

Panel Templates created in the Dealer Site can now be selected and applied to a linked customer within SecurityTrax.

Expedite Permission Group Creation

Speed up the creation of permission groups by duplicating an existing group. Simply rename, modify, and save.


Smarter Inventory Discrepancy Warnings

Receive warnings whenever your physical inventory counts don't match counts found within SecurityTrax.

Create Quotes for Leads in Mobile

Quotes or invoices can now be generated for leads within SecurityTrax Mobile.

UPDATE: Stages Integration Updates

Our integration with Stages is live! Updates include renaming fields when shelling an account: 'Panel Type' will be renamed 'Device Type' and 'Status' will become 'Device Status'.

Additionally, a new 'Auto Notify' checkbox will be added to the Emergency Contacts list -- allowing you to enable or disable Auto Notifications in Stages.

December 15, 2017

Avalara Avatax Integration

Advanced tax calculator tools for Sales and Use Taxes are available through our recently updated integration with Avalara AvaTax. Click below if you'd like to get started or if you'd like more information.


Hierarchy Management

Automatically update your Organizational Chart by selecting to whom the user reports while creating or updating a user account.

Mobile Features

Auto-populate a customer's equipment profile from an invoice or vice versa with a single click on SecurityTrax Mobile.

Reps or Techs on Invoices

Associate a rep or tech to an invoice for a more streamlined reporting and commission calculation experience.

Inventory Replenishment

Quickly replenish the inventory of every technician who reports to a specific manager.

November 21, 2017

Security Equity Partners Integration

SecurityTrax is now integrated with Security Equity Partners (SEP) enabling dealers to pass pertinent customer information seamlessly between the two platforms. Let us know if you'd like help getting started.


Puerto Rico Credit Checks

ADT dealers can now run credit checks via the ADT Credit Bureau for customers residing in Puerto Rico.

ADT Contract Cleanups

Utilize the ADT API within SecurityTrax to cleanup contracts as opposed to using DocuSign or paper.

Insufficient Inventory Notification

Notify a user when a technician has insufficient on-hand equipment to complete next day appointments.

LEARN HOW User Codes

View User Codes via SecurityTrax after a customer has been synced with

October 16, 2017 Signal History

Stay up-to-date on devices and services for your customers by reviewing a synchronized signal history within SecurityTrax.


Service Call Sub-Types

Track the variety of service calls you receive by creating your own service call sub-type categories.


Spillage Quantities

Easily record your spillage numbers across multiple pieces of equipment at the same time.


Failed Payment Notification

A new user notification has been implemented to alert any specified user whenever a customer payment fails on a one-time or recurring invoice.


Deleting Billing Methods

Safeguards have been put in place to prevent a user from deleting any billing method that is associated with a customer.

In addition, any billing method that has been deleted will still be an available option to select when creating an invoice for a past payment in order to help keep historical payments accurate.

Ticket Tags

Users can now manage their open tickets more effectively. All tags associated with a ticket are now visible on a user's home screen.

September 1, 2017

Geo-Coded Addresses No Longer Required In Stages

Have you ever entered a customer's address to find it doesn't match the central station's suggested addresses, but you know the address is correct? Maybe you're working in a new housing or commercial development?

Geo-coded addresses are no longer required when pushing a customer account to a central station who uses Stages Monitoring software. Simply choose to ignore the suggested address and proceed as originally entered.


Faster Load Times

We popped the hood, tweaked a few things, and made SecurityTrax even faster! Experience quicker load times on individual invoices and invoice reports.

TransUnion Update

Need a credit score but not a full report? Run a 'Soft' credit check.
Support for 'Soft' or 'Hard' credit pulls is now available through our TransUnion integration.


August 25, 2017

Timebox Customer Record Access

Protect customer data by timeboxing user access to customer records.

Simply set the number of days a customer record can be accessed from the creation date. SecurityTrax disables view permissions once the desired timeframe has elapsed.


Run ADT PreChecks on Leads

Quickly determine if a lead is available to pursue. ADT dealers can now run PreChecks on leads the same way they do on customers.

August 18, 2017

Credit Reports on Existing BRINKS Customers

BRINKS Dealers: Process credit reports on customers who may already have an existing BRINKS account.

A behind-the-scenes search of the BRINKS customer database is completed each time a credit report is run within SecurityTrax. You'll be prompted whenever a potential duplicate is found and provided an opportunity to override if desired.

This is especially helpful if a customer already has a BRINKS account on their home for example, but would like a new system installed in a business or vacation home.


Populate Customer Equipment List from Customer Invoices

Effortlessly populate a customer's Equipment Profile from a previously created SecurityTrax invoice with just a single click.


August 11, 2017

Failed Payment Notification

Receive a notification anytime a processed payment fails.

Previous Appointment Notes on Mobile

View notes from previous customer appointments on our mobile platform.

eContract Signature Location

Capture the physical location of eContract signatures on select DocuSign contacts.


Ticket Keyword Search

Quickly find Customer Service tickets by searching for keywords in the subject line.

August 4, 2017

Manage Multiple Accounts

Easily connect to and manage customers in all your accounts within SecurityTrax.


Display Sales Rep and Tech on Dealer Site

Display Sales Reps and Techs assigned in SecurityTrax within your Dealer Site.

New BRINKS Default System Options

User-defined Default System Options save valuable time when pushing customer accounts to BRINKS.


July 21, 2017

Rapid Response Event History

Easily view the event history for a Rapid Response customer from within SecurityTrax.


Display Open Tickets by Date

Sort open tickets on the Home tab by Created or Follow-Up date in ascending or descending order.

Search Ticket Keywords

On the Tickets tab, search for Keywords in any note associated with a ticket to find relevant items more quickly.

Tickets 'Created By'

Also on the Tickets tab, you can view which user created each ticket by looking in the new column labeled Created By.